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“We aren’t made to subtly go through life; we are purposed to GROW through life!”

- Brandi K. Epps

Her Roots

Imagine being born and raised in Dallas, TX, matriculating to the suburbs of Cedar Hill, TX, and moving at the ripe age of 18 into the fast lane of Houston, Texas! This was precisely the course of Brandi’s life path, one that has shaped and cultivated her into the woman you see today! The struggles, the sacrifices, the experiences, and uncomfortable life lessons learned at each destination are truly what built her resilience, grit, and tenacity! She found joy, even as a youth, in educating others, being a listening ear, and having a deep passion for helping people in general, leading her to obtain degrees in Education (University of Houston) and Counseling (Prairie View A & M University) respectively! Currently, she has 10+ years in education and is working toward her Doctorate of Education from Concordia University-Chicago in Teacher Leadership!

Her Reason

Having a solid foundation as an individual derives from Brandi’s familial ties and relationships. She comes from a large, close-knit family, which complements the way she interacts and engages with others. The love and support of family are at the core of Brandi’s being, setting the stage for who she truly is at heart. Becoming a mother in 2011, and a single mother just a year later, opened her eyes to see life from a different perspective, giving her life a different purpose! It’s as if birthing and raising her daughter provided the rebirth she needed to find value in who she was becoming in Christ. It has literally been the driving force of everything she does, every decision she’s made, and why she gives her all in every endeavor. The eyes of her dear Blahir Elise Pearl are always upon her, and for that SHE WON’T QUIT!

the ultimate gift...
Her Reward

It is Brandi’s ultimate goal to use the quests of her own life to help others. Her faith in God, experiences in urban classrooms, hiccups in relationships, and faults in life have given her the ammunition to pour purpose, passion, encouragement, and confidence into whomever she encounters, be it women, men, young adults, teens, or children! Through relative and relatable content, the eloquence and authentic nature of her books, RelationTIPS radio segment on The Counsel Radio Show, speaking engagements, and more, she’s certain that her reward in life will be deemed by using the gifts and talents that God has blessed her with; the gift of changing lives and hearts around this world! She’s dedicated to building individuals with one life lesson at a time!

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