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Book Launch

Friday, May 7, 2021 | 7:00pm CST

From Brandi
with sincere thanks

You have no idea how much this launch means to me. It's been a long time coming, and I'm truly thrilled about kicking back and getting into my first book "A Wait Worthwhile" with you from the comfort of your home! Thank you so much for your support of my book, and more specifically my endeavors as an author. Tap in below to join me at my virtual launch!!

What you can expect
during the Virtual launch.

This launch will afford you the opportunity to:

  • Meet the author, Brandi Epps

  • Hear her share WHY she wrote and published this book

  • Hear the author's choice snippets of the book

  • Hear testimonials from men and women as it relates to their personal reflections of the book

  • Take part in a giveaway

  • Purchase the book for a chance to win a VIP Dinner with the author

  • Have fun and be encouraged in your season of waiting for God's promises to unfold

Real people. honest reflections.

"I’m pages away from finishing your book “A Wait Worthwhile” and it’s crazy how I’ve been running from reading this book because I knew it would speak truth to those areas in my life that I’ve been trying to hide from being exposed... This book really pushes one towards purpose and changes your perspective on Gods timing, on dating, finances etc. showing that the things of God take preparation. Why pray and put no action behind it? This book makes you look within and pruning is one of the most vital steps ! So thank you ! I would love to use it to do something for singles!"

-Andrew Cooper

"This book truly resonates with me in this season and it was confirmation that you're not the only one in this season. It was encouraging and inspired me to keep pushing through with God and gave a few affirmations that were biblically and life experience based. Thanks again for allowing God to use you those waiting on GOD."

-Rene Anderson

"This book helps to prioritize your personal goals and aspirations that you may have while in your waiting season. Personal and literary references also help to shape your focus and strengthen your patience. Very helpful tool in your season of preparation. It is a great read for any point in the year but would be a great tool to read at the beginning of the year while making resolutions."

-Leticia LeGrair

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